NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                                           Date: December 6, 2012



John C. Jennings, Freehold, NJ, has announced the formation of a NEW SPORTING EVENT called “Healthy Fast Golf.” In coordination with the Monmouth County Park System, Jennings said, “I am very pleased that our excellent Park System is considering adding this exciting program to ‘test the waters’ for interest in this sport.”


This extreme and calm sport combines golfing skill with running or speed walking. All ages, men and women will be able to enroll in several events planned for the 2013 Golf Season. The sport requires golfing proficiency with adjustments for the USGA handicap system. Adjustments to reward fast golfers with strokes off for low times and to add strokes on for slow times are used to develop the Healthy Fast Golf score. Meetings to discuss the 2013 Healthy Fast Golf Season will be announced and held during January 2013.


The first events will be 9-hole events situated at public facilities and executive courses. All golfers need to be pre-registered and will receive an assigned starting time. Golfers may carry a light golf bag and up to 8 clubs including their putter. This twist on the standard 18-hole four and one-half hour round of golf will see individual golfers play the 9-holes in 40 to 60 minutes. At the post-event, awards will be given to the lowest men and women scorers as well as to winners in various age groups. Some events will be 18-hole events with times ranging from about 60 minutes to 160 minutes.


“We are looking at developing an event calendar of 10 to 14 events that will include a ‘Championship 18-Hole Event’ for the end of the season,” said Jennings. He estimates that each event will be limited to 30 to 60 participants depending on the course, weather, and arrangements with course managers.


Just recently on October 20-21, 2012 at Bandon Dunes, Oregon; the Inaugural Speed Golf World Championship had 15 Elite Participants and 40 Amateurs compete.


Running Clubs, Golf Clubs, fitness centers, and other health enthusiasts are encouraged to publicize Healthy Fast Golf and develop their own Healthy Fast Golf team to participate in the outings.


Healthy Fast Golf is seeking courses, sponsors, participants, and volunteers to bring the 2013 Healthy Fast Golf Season into various Recreation programs to support a Healthy and Fit Community, Sustainable Communities, and Mayor’s Wellness Programs.


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John C. Jennings, AICP, NJ PP