Under Proactive Transportation and Planning, John Jennings is developing a not-for-profit "Healthy Fast Golf." This new sport- the "Calm Extreme Sport" combines golfing skill and physical fitness. It is based to a degree on "Speed Golf" except it will appeal to all age groups and men and women. More information about the basics is available by downloading the Healthy Fast Golf Flyer. Just click on Healthy Fast Golf Flyer at the top left of this page.


Golfers will be sent off individually and must carry their clubs. Special low cost "Sunday bags" are available on the internet for about $20 to $80 or at stores. Or the golfer may use a regular golf bag, Besides, golf score, there will be stroke adjustments for USGA handicap, golfer's ability, and pace of play. Each course will have a separate Score Adjustment Table for Men's Times and Women's Times to deduct strokes or add strokes.


For instance, a 9-hole time for men of 30 minutes may deduct 5 strokes, and the same course the 9-hole time for women of 33 minutes may deduct 5 strokes.  Likewise, for slower times, say men 65 minutes may add 3 strokes, and women 68 minutes may add 3 strokes, The table for each course will be displayed prior to play.


If you are interested in volunteering or participating in a Healthy Fast Golf event, please fill out the Healthy Fast Golf flyer. Click on Healthy Fast Golf Flyer at top left of this page.