About Us

Families, non-profits, businesses, and local governments can count on Proactive to access aid needed to recover and rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.


Proactive will meet with you to discuss your issues and concerns.


  • For INDIVIDUALS and FAMILIES, you are many sources of assistance and Proactive will be there to provide information and guidance to assist you with the tough decisions that you face.
  • For BUSINESSES, you are elgible for several forms of governemnt assistance from various levels of government and several agencies.
  • For GOVERNMENTS and PUBLIC ENTITIES, there are many funding opportunities for mitigiation, resiliency building, flood insurance cost reductions, infrastructure strengthening, and environmental stewardship and protection.


You can count on Proactive Transportation and Planning. Besides, planning, addressing transportation issues including "Complete Streets"-  John is providing transportation rides to Adult communities and Airports/Cruise ships.  


John is marketing a new concept of combining Running and Golf as a new biathlon event. See links to Healthy Fast Golf. 


Furthermore, John is a Bronze certified USBC Bowling instructor and register USBC Volunteer. He is available for private or group lessons. He is a Board member of the Monmouth County USBC.


We offer superior services at fair prices. Estimates are offered beforehand, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

John Jennings

Phone: +1 908 692 4097

Email: jcjaicp@optonline.net