John C. Jennings, AICP, NJ PP, CPM (Certified Public Manager) has formed Proactive Transportation and Planning for transportation planning for the heart of your community. We are committed to recognizing "complete streets" that serve  your community. Safe Routes to Schools, access management, context senstive design, and growing green projects and planning are essential to planning for sustainability. He will provide expert testimony before planning and zoning boards and coordinate with many public agencies. public officials, attorneys, and developers throughout New Jersey and the Tri-State area.

Jennings assisted for 6-months with the Federal Emergency Management Agency working on Hurricane Sandy NJ Disaster Relief. The experience developed a deep sense of purpose and empathy for the people unexpectedly devastated and hurt by the ravages of nature. Numerous aid programs are available to help families and businesses to recover from the suffering and damages incurred. Governments and organizations need to  focus efforts on mitigation and building infrastructure more resilient to prevent future weather related problems. Active coalitions of intelligent caring professionals, families, communities, and leaders have made and continue to make strides knowing that patterns of development and better planning are essential pieces of the solution. Much more remains to be done. 


Jennings has specialized in developing the State Access Management Code, the Transportation Enhancements Program. These programs streamlined the project delivery process and encouraged staff to take ownership in the projects and programs that they were responsible for working on. Transportation is vital to the economy and our quality of life.

Jennings has mixed 6 years of consultant work in developing Master Plans, Circulation Elements, Safe Routes to Schools, and development approvals along with a distinguished career in State service.

Jennings has a strong interest in improving the quality of the environment and life for the residents, businesses, and visitors to New Jersey. Jennings attended an ANJEC Urban Parks Leadership Program.


Jennings (JJ) is a founding member of the Freehold Area Running Club associated with the Road Runners Club of Ameica serving as an officer, Race Director and honored as an inductee to the Foyer of Distinction. John is a long time golfer. Combiming running and golfing, Jennings' registered Healthy Fast Golf, a variation on Speed Golf.


Jennings has obtained the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) Bronze Level instructor and coaching level. He has coached with the New Brunswick High School bowling team from 2010 to 2015.

Jennings has also chronicled the Howell Lanes, Hankel Classic League for almost two years from November 2013 to June 2015.




Please contact John Jennings at or at 908-692-4097.